Mar 14, 2011

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Final Result

This final game is what i'm waiting for...just watching in visual livescore though..but never mind..its still show my patriotism towards my beloved Malaysia..Lee Chong Wei won the match 21-17, 21-17 in 52 minutes..Lin Dan(described as the greatest in the modern era)had a tough game before meeting Lee Chong Wei..Zwiebler forced Lin Dan into a semi-final decider at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham before losing 21-9, 16-21, 21-11 as the phlegmatic Chinese player moved to within one win of securing a record five All England badminton titles in the modern era.

Lee Chong Wei..last year's champion..beat Cheng Long 21-17 21-18 in 46 minutes..the Malaysian seems to be more confident..whereas in previous years he might have buckled under the pressure of performing for his adoring public.


Lee Chong Wei won the first game with 21-17
second game 21-17

8 mengarut:

aslann said...

cikgu bagi A++ untuk karangan ni. :P

mr delirium said...

mekasih cekgu!! tp..karangan?

Sesumpah said...

syesyaabass :D

mr delirium said...

sumpah syabas!

Nasuha Salleh said...

rkyat Mlysia mmg hebatt!
mmg patut menang ...='D

follow ur blog ;P

zaty faisol said...

terbaekkk :)

Yuni Aisyah said...

cewah...leh jd pengulas sukan dwi bahsa nie..:P

mr delirium said...

ekekeke...apo ei korang sume ni..adeh

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